The Dane County Farmer’s Market – Madison – It doesn’t Get Much Better!

It is impossible to list all the amazing things about the Farmer’s Market in Madison.  Being a realtor in Madison I see what kind of pull and attraction it has for Madison homeowners, residents and prospective real estate purchasers.  It is one of the largest Farmer’s Markets in the country and just filled with such incredible treats, produce, and “Madison atmosphere.”    Although it is open year round, it truly is something to see in the months when it is warm enough to be held outside; which is NOW!!

A few things that stick out about the Madison Farmer’s Market as well as all the others across the country.

  1.  It is green! Less gas getting products to market place is better for the environment and on our pockets since food that travels far tends to be higher in price!
  2.  Supporting our local farmers and economy. This is good for our Madison community and our Madison real estate market.
  3.  Less preservation and chemicals needed on our food since we can buy fresh from the local farms. That is good for our health and our environment.

So the big points for me on the Madison Farmer’s Market.  It is green and good for our community and Madison real estate market.

You can find more details on the Dane  County Farmer’s Market here.