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HAFA Programs From Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac

Everyone understands that we are in the midst of a difficult recession and  struggling economy and it is effecting people all over the country. The unemployment rate is steadily on the rise and has an astounding effect on the real estate market.   Thousands of  home owners are feeling the pinch and struggling to make their monthly mortgage […]

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The Housing “Crisis”

For most of us, it’s been virtually impossible to ignore the alarming real estate headlines.  Everyday, we see newspapers and news programs that scream “Home Prices Plummeting!  Foreclosures Soaring!”  But is the housing “crisis” just a slight problem that has been blown out of proportion?   CNBC’s Dennis Kneale crunched the numbers, and has come […]

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The Dane County Farmer’s Market – Madison – It doesn’t Get Much Better!

It is impossible to list all the amazing things about the Farmer’s Market in Madison.  Being a realtor in Madison I see what kind of pull and attraction it has for Madison homeowners, residents and prospective real estate purchasers.  It is one of the largest Farmer’s Markets in the country and just filled with such […]

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Madison Home Builders Going Green

The Madison real estate market has been going through a number of changes as it begins to re-stabilize itself into a more normal market. Middleton and Madison home buyers have more inventories to select from and a bit more time to consider their decisions. This is really great for Madison area buyers, despite the headlines […]

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