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City of Madison Winter Activities

Latest update from Madison’s Parks. Can’t wait to get the ski’s out!

Sledding – Sledding hills are open and in good condition. Elver Park Warming Shelter will be open for concessions on Saturday and Sunday (weather dependent).

Ski Trails – Staff is packing trails and setting tracks at Elver Park and Odana Hills Golf Course today. Please note that only the main loop at Odana Golf Course will have tracks set today. Tomorrow staff intends to pack and set tracks at Turville Point and South Cherokee. We will keep the public notified as trails are open for skiing. Ski rentals will be available on Saturday and Sunday at both Elver Park and Odana Hills Golf Course.

Ice Skating – The ice rinks are snow covered and continue to have dangerously thin ice conditions. While the snow is great for skiing, it has an insulating effect on the ice, turning it into slush. Public is advised to stay off the ice. Staff will continue ice maintenance as conditions allow.

For more information, visit www.cityofmadison.com/parks

Our Wisconsin Weather, How does a Roof Take It?

Madison area winters generally never fail to bring plenty of snow and cold, and this winter was no different. Looking at the 10 day forecast for Madison on weather.com, you will see that 34 degrees is the warmest projected temperature, with 2 degrees being the lowest. I am sure if we take a look ahead

Prevent Your Ice From Damning

Each season’s weather is unique here in Madison; consequently we have unique concerns during each season that we need to stay on top of as homeowners. In the winter, the snow and cold temperatures can cause ice damning. It is a very common problem among Madison homeowners that has the potential to cause some serious

And the snow came down…

Well the snow storm came into Madison this weekend, just as expected. Even though I know the storms sometimes cause a bit of havoc for some, I always love being in Madison right after a snow storm. The city always looks so beautiful, especially with all the holiday décor. I always look forward to the