Thanksgiving Tradition

As we all look forward to seeing our friends and families on Thanksgiving, many things often cross our minds.  It might be the wonderful turkey, the apple pie, the pumpkin pie, the cranberry stuffing, or the amazing left-overs on Friday!!  Almost all of what comes to mind is wrapped around food and the inevitable feeling of “stuffed” that will come along with it.  So I think it is a great idea to start the day off in the annual Berbee Derby in Madison.  It is a road race that you can either run or walk.  A lot of people take part in the event on behalf of a charity and I am sure their waistlines before the feast of Thanksgiving.  A quick run or walk in the Berbee Derby may help you better enjoy the holiday so you feel less guilty if you decide to indulge in that 2nd piece of pie. 

Another fun part of the holiday is all the hustle and bustle of activity that occurs with travelers that have come to Madison to visit their friends and family.  There are always great things going on in the city and plenty of prospective home buyers that may want to take a look at your Madison area home for sale. So, all of you home sellers out there, make sure you concentrate on the curb appeal of your home this upcoming holiday weekend.  There will likely be many prospective buyers very interested in the Madison area driving around to scan houses.  They may find interest in yours.  Please call me if you need any help preparing for the holiday “rush.”