The grass is always greener!

Isn’t it funny how as homeowners and local residents living in a community for years upon years, we often never realize all that our community has to offer. We look at other areas, like coastal resorts, historic settings, or even other state parks, and think we would love to explore them. Yet we often forget that when living in Madison we have some of the most interesting activities and areas to explore right in our backyard. I am always searching on-line and in our local Madison publications so that I can stay on top of all the local events and activities in our community. I think it is important as a realtor to be a community expert especially when working with prospective Madison buyers. This week, while doing my research, I came across a really neat activity that combines two of my favorite things. Films and music!
Yesterday began the start of the 10th annual Wisconsin Film Festival. It will run through this Sunday, April 6th. There will be many local Madison establishments involved in the film festival for movie showings, release parties, and receptions. The movies are shown at 10 different Madison theaters all within walking distance to one another downtown. Entering and exiting the movies you will find areas to sit and enjoy the music of some of the movies. You can also go to one of the many parties to see live music including some great local Madison talent. So if you are looking for some fun this weekend or interested in seeing a great side of Madison, check out the Wisconsin Film Festival this weekend.