Do you love to move?

My Assistant’s Thoughts on Moving!

The official start of spring is less than 15 days away and I have to admit that the moving itch has returned.  I love to move!  I would buy a new house every couple of years if it wasn’t for the fact that my family doesn’t share my same level of enthusiasm.  This is how my husband and I have come to feel very differently about spring.   He loathes the spring, while I love the spring.  You see, I am an open house addict!  And with the spring, usually comes more open houses than any other time of year. So, I tend to disappear for a couple of hours many Sunday afternoons, leaving my husband at home cringing.  He is just waiting for me walk through our back door and announce that I have found the perfect one.

I can’t think of anything that bothers me about moving.  The home search, the loan search, the selling of my current home, the packing,  the un-packing, and the ultimate re-decorating that I absolutely LOVE to do!!!  I actually think of the whole process is refreshing because it provides me a great opportunity to re-organize all of my things.  When you move on a regular basis, you don’t have those mystery boxes in the basement or clothes that you haven’t worn in years because none of it is worth keeping to just move around. 

What do you think?  Do you like to move or do you think I am just plain crazy?