Google Introduces Mortgage Search

Many potential homebuyers start their home search by doing research online. If you have been researching financing online, your email inbox may become inundated with mortgage offers and unsolicited messages. Now the search engine giant Google has a new mortgage search feature that can help.  Their new mortgage seach will eliminate the unwanted emails and calls by streamlining your search and making a mortgage match just for you – without the accompanying spam.

Google has recently introduced a similar process for refinance customers and they promise to extend that service to all  mortgage seekers.

Still in Beta mode, the service is only available in 38 states. However you can go to to see lists of lenders and their product portfolios. You can choose the package, along with rates and other costs, that works best for you.  Google also gives you the ability to calculate your monthly payment by inputting variables such as your down payment, credit status and the kind of loan you want.

One of the best features with this search tool is that you can choose to receive an offer from just one lender, and your direct contact info is not readily available. Google also promises that they will hold the lender to the offer made online – as long as basic criteria given in the search are correct and unchanged (such as the appraised value).

Google has not been able to attract major lenders, so the list of companies may be a little obscure to the average buyer. Even though, this new search tool is excellent for helping consumers shop for competitive mortgages online, without the hassles of overeager sales people and email overload.