Holiday Sellers

Real Estate transactions continue through the holiday season. Due the the potential inconvenience, there are less homes on the market, which equates to less competition. It is true that Buyer numbers are down, but the individuals requesting showings are serious Buyers. After all, moving with snow on the ground is not the majority’s preference.

Keeping your holiday cheer through the holiday season and having your home ready for a showing at a moment’s notice is a delicate balance. A few essential quick tips: 

  • Keep your driveway and walk way clear and extra salt in a decorative bucket by the door, just in case you missed a spot at the last minute. 
  • Have a nice mat just inside so that people know where to put their snow-laden shoes.
  • Keep the air fresheners to a minimum as Buyers only wonder what is being covered by the artifical scent. 
  • When considering your decorations, Charlene Storozuk has some great ideas. Click here to read her recent article on Holiday Decorations for home Sellers.

And remember, the shortest day of the year is almost behind us.