Madison Assessments Still Falling

In the past three years Madison assessments have fallen continuously. The most recent assessments that were received around April 25, 2012 fell an average of 1.6 percent. In some places throughout the city assessments fell by even larger amounts. Some have suggested that the reason for the drop in assessments is because of a backlog of foreclosures and financing concerns.

A decline in your assessment will make it less likely that property taxes will increase. Of course, a drop in assessed values are directly tied to housing prices.

There were a few pockets in Madison where assessment values slightly increased including the isthmus and the near west side.

More information regarding assessments can be found at:

Source: “Assessments drop in Madison for third consecutive year,” (April 23, 2012).

Orchard Ridge & Greentree Neighborhood Open House

Orchard Ridge & Greentree Neighborhoods are holding the majority of the listed homes open this Sunday, with times varying from 12noon to 4pm.

AddressPriceAgent NamePhone NumberOpen Time
1125 S Whitney Way$188,500Heidi Uhrig(608) 444-683112PM-2PM
6606 Piping Rock Rd$239,900Kathy Griswold(608) 345-042412PM-2PM
4934 Raymond Rd$199,900Heidi Uhrig(608) 444-683112PM-2PM
4914 Raymond Rd$184,900Matt Winzenried(608) 443-707412PM-2PM
6409 Woodington Way$204,900Geoffrey Gyrisco(608) 354-94561PM-4PM
5705 Hempstead Rd$199,875Devery Cash(608) 445-41411PM-3PM
5717 Dorsett Dr$199,900Jane Marie Pechauer(608) 695-81811PM-3PM
5402 Tolman Terr$239,900Heidi Uhrig(608) 444-68312PM-4PM
5613 Tolman Terr$179,000Robin Anderson-Guernsey(608) 213-87782PM-4PM
5713 Tolman Terr$235,000Yvonne Gern(608) 219-89592PM-4PM

Homeowners: It’s Fall Leaf Collection Time!

Fall leaf collection is in full swing in communities like Madison. While Fall leaf collection officially started on October 4, we are nearing the peak of the season, and most homeowners are knee deep in leaves throughout their yards!

Find out the ins and outs of city leaf collection by clicking here. You will also find tips for proper collection and green tips for compost and getting the nutrients from leaves into your lawn.

Happy raking!

Walkable Neighborhoods

There is a nifty website where you can plug in an address and see how “walkable” the location is. The website is called Walk Score, and it’s tag line “Find A Walkable Place To Live”.

For example, if you plug in the address of one of our listings at Captitol West downtown, you will find a Walk Score rating of 95 out of 100, aka: “A Walker’s Paradise”.

Type in your address and see how walkable your location is! Visit the website by clicking here

If you want help finding an ideal location to call home, email

Mark Your Calendar For The Ghoulish Gallop!

The Realtors Association of South Central Wisconsin (RASCW) has sponsored a 5K walk/run and 10K run event called Home Run for the past 15 years. This year the organization continues the tradition with a new name: The Ghoulish Gallop! This year’s event is taking place on Saturday, October 30, 2010 at 8:30am. Participants each receive an authentic running shirt, there will be treats, games for kids and even a costume contest. This event continues to be a fundraiser for organizations such as Operation Fresh Start and Habitat For Humanity.

Plan to participate – it’s fun AND it supports a great cause!