Don’t Let the Heat Out!

A quick energy saving tip for you! While you are doing your annual fall home improvements and cleaning around the house, don’t forget about the weather stripping seal on your windows. During the summer, as we open and close our windows, the seals get very dirty. This dirt can cause there to be small gaps letting your expensive heat escape outdoors! For more home improvement tips for the fall, take a look at some other projects.

Check the Closets

Have an older home and wonder about some of the original finishes?  Frequently the closets will be able to answer some of your questions. Rarely do people update the closets when they are making over a property.  It’s a great place to check the flooring material under carpeting too! Pull back a corner and see if hardwoods are hiding and waiting to be rediscovered!

Water in the Basement

Over the last few months, we have had a lot of rain. Needless to say, some of it has made it’s way into people’s basements. 

A few quick tips of prevention:

1) Walk the exterior and check the grade of the soil around your home. Does it slope towards or away from the home?

2) Replace any broken window well covers

3) Make sure that the gutters are clean. You may have to do this several times per year if you have a lot of leafing trees in your back yard.

4) Check the downspouts-are they far enough away from the house or is it puddling near the foundation?

For more details, check out this great website: