Are You Painting Green in Your Madison Home

Since it is Spring, and there seems to be many people buying Madison real estate and moving to new homes these days, I thought I would share another green decorating tip. This one is about painting.

We all know that paint is not the most environmental friendly to produce and that it needs to be discarded of properly to avoid causing environmental contamination. With that being said though, we all still need paint so that we can make our Madison real estate investments look and feel like home!

The last post included a link to the mod green pod, which offers some great green paint products. But on top of that it is also important to ensure that we don’t buy more paint than needed. HGTV has this great paint calculator you can use before you start your next project. Check it out before you start painting the next room in your Madison home.

Decorating or Remodeling Your New Madison Home – Go Green!

One of the parts of being a Madison realtor that I love is helping people find a home they love and watching their anticipation and excitement about furniture placement and decorating plans.  You can see them envisioning themselves starting a life in their new home through the home buying process.  This excitement brings such joy. 

I have just recently bought a home here in Madison and can tell you that I love experiencing this “moving joy” myself.  For me, decorating and making plans for this new home is wonderful, because it gives me the opportunity to make my new place in Madison reflect my personality, a place that I am going to look forward to coming home to each day. 

While making these plans for my house I have come across a great site where you can purchase green, eco-friendly products for the home.  I thought I would share this site with you because spring tends to be a great remodeling time.  So if you are planning a spring remodel of your Madison homes, you may want to check it out, the mod green pod.  They offer curtains, slipcovers, paint, wall papers, and more, all made of organic materials.  Happy Decorating your Madison home!!