My husband and I met Heidi when we were casually looking at houses in the Madison area and it was love at first sight.

As first-time homebuyers, we had lots of questions and reservations about the entire process, but working with Heidi made all of those hesitations go away:
– She actively listened to what we were looking for and what we could afford.
– She genuinely cared about us (still does)
– She was responsive and flexible with her schedule, sometimes jumping through hoops to get us in early for showings.
– She willingly handled all the back-and-forth between different parties and kept things simple for us.
– She explained things—sometimes more than once—and was very helpful with getting us up to speed on allthings real estate.

Within a short period of time, Heidi found us a gem in a beautiful neighborhood on the westside of Madison.


We were living in the house for a little over a year when I got a great offer to go work for a company in Boston. Since we had only been in our house for a short time, this was a very difficult decision for us.

I reached out to Heidi to let her know our situation, and later that day, she came over to our house and helped talk through the decision. The support she gave us through this unexpected transition was so much appreciated.

And in true Heidi fashion, three days later, the house was back on the market with an offer in the following day. The woman is seriously a miracle worker. I wouldn’t work with anyone else.